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Nortel BCM Features

Nortel BCM Call Centre Features

The Nortel BCM comes with a number of different Call Centre related features, as follows:

Intelligent Contact Center

The Nortel BCM Intelligent Contact Center applications distribute incoming calls among a pool of agents or designated employees. You can easily create an order desk, reservations department, customer service group or technical support center through the easy to use configuration manager.

With skills-based routing, callers can get routed to the right queue quickly and easily, where agents are empowered to give the best possible service.

Real-time and historical reports, including wallboard displays, help you optimise contact center resources and service quality.

Intelligent Contact Center replaces Basic and Professional Call Center by enabling a small number of agents (less than 10) with greater than two separate skill sets. This base contact center package provides core functionality including skills based routing, recorded announcements, intelligent overflow, expected wait announcements, supervisor and agent features.

Reporting for Contact Center

Reporting for Contact Center is an option that can be added to Nortel BCM Intelligent Contact Center. Skill set-based reports enable call center managers to track call volumes, patterns, peak times etc, allowing them to monitor efficiency and make decisions on staffing and skills deployment. Managers are provided with the flexibility to export and modify reports with Crystal Reports if they choose.

The Nortel Reporting for Contact Center can generate two types of reports:

  • Real time statistics that provide minute by minute 'on screen analysis' of what is happening within the Call Centre environment. These reports can be used by managers and supervisors as a tactical tool in order to manage situations as and when they occur.
  • Historical statistics are provided to enable managers to adequately plan how they wish to use their Call Centre resources in order to most effectively match the requirements of their business.

Multimedia Contact Center

The Nortel BCM Multimedia Contact Center enriches customer-care transactions with capabilities such as intelligent routing of electronic interactions, merging of voice calls with emails, "pushed" web content, collaborative Web browsing, Web-based self-service and real-time text chat sessions between customers and agents.

Benefits of the Nortel Multimedia Contact Center to the Small Business include:

  • Callers can contact the service they require directly without attendant intervention and subsequent transfer. This reduces caller frustration.
  • Callers can connect to the agent most appropriately skilled to deal with their call. Use of the queue and routing features allow for groups of agents with different skills to be set up, with callers routed to the most appropriate skill queue.
  • Use of Call Centres together with associated telephony services such as Freephone can increase the size of the accessible market, meaning businesses no longer have to sell to a local market.
  • The amount of time callers spend on 'hold' can be greatly reduced by more efficient call answering. Use of the Overflow feature to transfer calls away from busy agents to available agents assists in this objective.
  • Use of on hold voice and music allows for callers to be played information and advertising information when they are waiting for a free agent.

The introduction of Call Centre Features on the Nortel BCM helps organisations achieve a high return on investment by measurably raising customer service levels and raising revenue while reducing costs.

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