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Nortel BCM Customer Retention

With the Nortel BCM, you can be there for your customers when they need you, exceeding their customer service expectations by empowering your staff.

In order to improve customer service, businesses need to make each customer interaction as quick and efficient as possible. To assist in achieving these objectives, the Nortel BCM enables applications such as Call Centre that can automatically route incoming calls to the agent best equipped to handle the request.

In addition, you can improve customer and client approval with prompt and efficient call handling that enables callers to reach you anytime, anywhere. With the Nortel BCM automated attendant, interactive voice response and voice messaging functions, customers can make enquiries, place orders or schedule service any time of the day or night that suits them. Add the Nortel BCM direct inward dial (DID) function that allows customers to reach the desired person or department without having to go through a receptionist or IVR system and you have an extremely open, accessible organisation that your customers will appreciate.

Nortel BCM Call Centre

The Nortel BCM brings sophisticated Nortel call centre capabilities to the small site, allowing customers to enjoy productivity improvements due to enhanced call centre management, informative reporting capabilities and efficient agent displays. In addition, the advanced Nortel call centre capabilities we can be leveraged in a converged VoIP network to help improve agent productivity and increase customer loyalty. By using the Nortel BCM, businesses can extend their call centre functionality to home-based workers, expand their operating hours and recruit more qualified personnel, which all lead to increased customer satisfaction.

With skill-based routing ensuring that callers are connected to the most skilled agent on the first try, it easier for customers to conduct business quickly and efficiently. As callers receive more prompt, effective service, abandoned calls are converted into additional sales and satisfied customers.

Nortel BCM Auto Attendant

Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford a full-time receptionist at every site. The Nortel BCM auto attendant solves that problem with customer-controlled routing that gets your callers where they need to go quickly and efficiently.

Nortel BCM Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The implementation of Computer Telephony Integration with a Nortel BCM helps agents deliver faster, more personalized customer service. Relevant information via screen pops and automated retrieval of database records allows a new call to be routed to a specific agent who handled that customer previously. With VoIP, these transactions can be handled over a single network infrastructure.

As you can see, the Nortel BCM has a number of functions that help ensure that you are able to retain customers over the long term.

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