Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) Phone System Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Nortel Business Communication Manager Telephone System

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Nortel BCM Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response automates routine, information-based transactions such as office hours, current balances or pending orders.

While your business saves money, customers really appreciate self-service access to pertinent information, any time of the day or night. Generally customers can access a broad range of information simply by responding to a series of prompts via their touchtone phones.

Please note that the Nortel BCM200 and Nortel BCM400 provide onsite IVR. The Nortel BCM50 Auto Attendant and Custom Call Routing can route calls to a Centralised IVR when hosted on a Nortel BCM200 or Nortel BCM 400 or other system.

The introduction of Interactive Voice Response on your Nortel BCM frees up your operator's time so that they can deal with more complex issues, with queries quickly being filtered and escalated to an agent if required.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) improves call handling, response times and helps increase customer satisfaction.

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