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Nortel Business Communication Manager Telephone System

Nortel BCM Business Factors

Nortel BCM Increased Productivity

The Nortel BCM allows employee productivity and satisfaction to be enhanced through a rich portfolio of convenient communications features, secure Internet access and the means for users to stay in touch when away from their desks.

The following Nortel BCM features enable customers to see significant productivity gains while improving their bottom line:

Nortel BCM Network Management

It is estimated that an organisation only needs half the number of employees today in order to manage and administer the converged network. As a converged solution, the Nortel BCM enables customers to improve technical support efficiencies through simplified networks and centralised/remote management using the Nortel Business Element Manager.

All management tasks, except those requiring hands-on hardware maintenance, can be done remotely including:

  • Configuration changes
  • Adding features
  • Backup management
  • Alarm monitoring alarms
  • Software updates and upgrades

For multisite networks, the Network Configuration Manager can add further automation through scheduling of common tasks, as well as enable inventory and configuration tracking at the network level. Management of Nortel BCM50/200/400 systems can be performed from one Network Configuration Manager console, allowing established operational processes to be easily extended to a complete Nortel BCM network.

Moves, Adds and Changes to the Nortel BCM Network

In a traditional PBX environment, any moves, additions or changes are extremely time-consuming, difficult tasks that often require a visit from a technician at great expense. With the Nortel BCM's IP telephony capability, all moves, additions and changes can be administered with the same tools used to control the network. This saves immeasurable time and dramatically cuts service costs. With dynamic IP address allocation, personnel can simply plug a phone in at a new location and receive the full suite of functionality for which their phone had been originally configured.

Nortel BCM Instant Office Capability

As businesses move towards more cost effective open offices, employee productivity can suffer due to noise and the lack of meeting space. By establishing quiet rooms with the Nortel BCM's DHCP connections, employees can take their phones with them and remain accessible while having the opportunity to use quiet areas for meetings, interviews or particular project requirements. This requires no system administrator time whatsoever.

Nortel BCM Unified Messaging

To maximise efficiency, the Nortel BCM Unified Messaging enables employees to manage their voice mail, email and incoming faxes directly from any multimedia Windows PC. Users can listen to voice mail, save or forward messages, view faxes on screen and forward them as email, or even use caller ID to go straight to the message they've been waiting for.

Nortel BCM Centralised Voice mail and Management

The networking capabilities of IP telephony makes centralised applications for messaging and management more cost effective than ever. Enterprise customers receive the benefits of standard greetings, global administration and a common interface across their networks.

Nortel BCM Remote Access

Working remotely has become an extremely popular activity as it increases employee retention and allows for the distribution of call center agents. With IP telephony solutions, remote workers can be equipped with an IP telephone and a Nortel VPN client running on their PC in any location and be "connected" with system, along with all of its features and applications.

Consistent Desktop

Customers seek simplification as a way to reduce operating costs, which further strengthens their business for long-term success. All releases of the Nortel BCM support both Norstar and Business Series Terminals, allowing for customer investment protection. The IP phone 2001, 2002, 2004, 2007, 1120E, 1140E and IP Softphone 2050 are supported not only on the Nortel BCM50/200/400, but also on the CS1000, CS2100, MCS5100 and CS2000, providing a consistent desktop across the entire network.

Increasing your productivity is what is going to set you apart from your competition in an ever increasingly competitive world. Let the Nortel BCM take you to the next level.

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