Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) Phone System Security

Nortel Business Communication Manager Telephone System

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Nortel BCM Security

The Nortel BCM offers a wide range of integrated security features designed to keep an organisation safe from attack.

For digital telephony, the Nortel BCM offers many integrated security features, such as Restriction Services that enables system administrators to prevent toll fraud on a set-by-set basis by forcing each set to adhere to BCM call restrictions.

For customers adopting VoIP, the Nortel BCM delivers security across the network, including web proxy features similar to the Domain Naming System (DNS) proxy, integrated firewall and security measures like Network Address Translation (NAT), Basic and Stateful packet filtering, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), VPN support with IPSec and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Multi-layered security features in the platform protect your business from computer worms, viruses, online fraud and other cyber-attacks while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Designed to be secure in both public and private networks, the Nortel Business Communications Manager leads competitors with such enhanced security features as:

  • Support for extensive security policies
  • Encryption of all operations, administration and maintenance communications
  • Comprehensive security audit trails, including tracking of configuration changes
  • Accepting only digitally signed software updates

The Nortel BCM is a robust converged solution that protects a company's vital information assets and delivers peace of mind thanks to the following features.

Nortel BCM Virtual Private Network (VPN) Support

IPSec-based VPNs provide a secure method for exchanging data between sites across public internet infrastructure, ensuring network confidentiality and integrity. This is ideal for providing the security and flexibility required by small/medium sized businesses and enterprise branch offices. The Nortel BCM offers substantial cost savings over purchasing separate voice and data networking equipment. From a remote management perspective, the Nortel BCM relies on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to secure sensitive data and hide passwords that would normally be sent in the clear.

Nortel BCM Integrated UPS Management

The Nortel BCM includes APC's Smart-Universal Power Supply "PowerChute Plus" management software as its backup. Networks with the Nortel BCM and the Smart-Universal Power Supply will have a single interface for unified management of both the Nortel BCM and UPS.

Nortel BCM Inherent Reliability

The Nortel BCM's integrated router can provide data services such as Network Address Translation (NAT), stateful packet filtering and IPSec-based VPN to help ensure data network integrity and reliability. On the voice side, quality of service (QoS) monitoring with PSTN fallback and support for Diffserv further ensure the reliability and quality of call processing.

Future Proof Nortel BCM

The Nortel BCM has been certified for commercial deployment, ensuring a seamless fit as a high-powered enterprise branch solution.

As you can see, the Nortel BCM provides an extremely secure solution for any sized organisation.

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