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Nortel Business Communication Manager Telephone System

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Nortel BCM Streamline Costs

Let the Nortel BCM help you and your organisation streamline your costs, helping that ever important bottom line.

When customers choose the Nortel BCM, they can profit from the full operational advantages of IP-based convergence, plus the advanced applications and increased ability to collaborate, which go along with an IP-based infrastructure. By converging voice and data on a single, packet-switched network, customers can reduce maintenance and management costs as IT staff are only operating one network for both voice and data. This also means that only one cable drop is made to each desk or meeting room to enable both voice and data connectivity.

You can reduce costs by streamlining your administration, centralising applications for many sites, using your existing LAN and the Internet to efficiently and securely transmit voice and fax calls while capitalising on new IP services.

Add to that the reduced need for training, the fact that internal communication is free, increased automation etc and you can not go wrong with the Nortel BCM.

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