Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) Phone System Voice and Unified Messaging

Nortel Business Communication Manager Telephone System

Nortel BCM Features

Nortel BCM Voice and Unified Messaging

Messaging enables callers to leave important information on a mailbox for a selected user, department or groups of users. The system adds call information, such as calling line ID, time and date of the call and priority level to the message, with employees being able to record their own personalised greetings as well as enjoy access to their password protected messages from anywhere.

Unified Messaging

Unified messaging converges voice, fax and email messages onto users' PCs or laptops so that it can be managed by one standard application, such as Microsoft Outlook or Exchange. This helps to ensure that all messages are received and responded to quickly and efficiently.

Voice Messaging

Voice Messaging provides a full set of features, including an Automated Attendant, mailboxes to store voice messages and Custom Call Routing to provide callers with a series of voice prompts and call transfer options. Custom Call Routing (CCR) helps to ensure that callers reach the right department or person with minimal input.

Fax Messaging

Fax Messaging allows the user to receive, send and forward faxes in the same fashion as voice messages. Fax Overflow prevents customers from missing faxes by sending overflow faxes to a Fax Overflow mailbox, which stores the faxes until the fax machine is able to print them. Fax on Demand allows a user to retrieve documents stored in special mailboxes.

The Nortel BCM provides the flexibility that today's organisation requires in order to excel.

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